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Erfa-gruppemøde i Regulatorisk
Emnet er “Etiske perspektiver i den regulatoriske rolle” - Vibeke Bjerregaard afholder interaktiv workshop med eksempler på dilemmaer.

Have you often had thoughts about if your documentation really documents a safe and effective drug? Did you really reported all your safety finding in your animal studies and considered if these could have any implication on the safe use of your drug?
What about all your suppliers, are you sure that these supplies have a high etic standard in the way the manufacture some of the good and equipment that you are using?
Was all potential patients included in your phase III programme?
Does the risk of off label use bother you?
Did you provide extra services to investigators, to patients?

Many of these aspects are part of the job being a regulatory professional but how about the ethical perspectives?


11-12-2017 kl.:16.00 til kl.:18.00

Symbion, mødelokale M6
Max antal deltagere: 15, der er 8 pladser tilbage
PrisIFF Medlemmer og DKG medlemmer
ArrangørUlla Haagen og Vibeke Bjerregaard
Kun for IFF og DKG medlemmer
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  Tilmeldingsfrist: 08-12-2017   
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